DoMoBA the story the book the movie

DoMoBA, (Dotty Molt BadAss), That’s Victor Cooper’s name for me. He owns The Rocking V, a wonderful restaurant in Kanab, Utah. I met him in 2013 on one of my solo trips out to photograph the Desert Southwest. As it turns out, he’s become one of my best friends, and one of my angels.

This selfie, taken with my IPhone tells a story all by itself, but you have to know the whole story to understand it. From beginning to end, from stuck to unstuck, from veils to spiritual enlightenment. It’s the inspirational story of my 25,000 mile road trip which propelled me, a free spirit hippie princess, cross country on an empowering journey.

The story begins in Incline Village, Nevada, where at fifty-six, the surface of my life was perfect. I lived in a beautiful home on Lake Tahoe with a handsome boyfriend. We were Barbie and Ken smiling at life from the pages of Facebook.  But beneath this exterior, we’d lost our passion, our souls and paths in life sadly disconnected.  Feeling alone and stuck in a privileged life, I grabbed my camera, packed too much of everything along with one long slinky dress in Ruby, my Jeep Rubicon, an off road warrior with the balls to match my repressed wild side, and set out to find the person I used to be.

Fearlessly off roading in deep sand, stealth camping under infinite stars, I found freedom and self reliance on the road.  Shaman and angels appeared on my path, offering subtle guidance and encouragement.  I hiked to sacred spaces where my soul found perfect joy and tearful loneliness. I found a short lived relationship with another photographer, then found myself stuck for far too long after his abrupt unexplained change of heart. Twenty five miles away from civilization, stuck in deep viscous mud after a night of torrential rains, I found the power within myself to get unstuck physically and emotionally.

Traveling south to Florida, I found Jesus on the beach, and on the mat next to me in a yoga class, the third Shaman of my journey found me. He cracked my heart wide open allowing me to see the spiritual path I’d traveled, the daily synchronicity which had brought me to the presence of God, to spiritual enlightenment.

I have been a professional photographer and yoga teacher for more than ten years.  I am passionate about inspiring those who dream of being free to take action and drive, hike, walk, run, or crawl to their destiny.  Today.  I have images and videos from this journey, some of them are on my website in the Every Image has a Story folder, along with the short stories I’ve written to accompany a motivational speaking tour.  I’m seeking representation from a Literary agent or a publisher who is willing to take a leap of faith and help me tell my story to the world.

It’s time.

The other Wine Country Autumn Color

The other Wine Country Autumn Color

Napa and Sonoma are well known around the world, and only a short four hours away from Reno, Nevada. However, there are many beautiful vineyards much closer to the Lake Tahoe area, one of which is in Amador County. Bray Vineyards is located on Shenandoah Road in Plymouth, California, and along with excellent wines, including an aptly named Red, Brazen Hussy, the fields of vines are beautifully arranged, and a great pleasure to photograph.
Many thanks to Robin Bray, owner of this lovely vineyard for allowing me to wander around with my camera for over two hours, photographing beautiful colors of Yellow, Gold, Red, orange, and everything in between.
This photo was taken at Sunset, adding a beautiful glow to the Live Oak in the foreground. The sunset itself was soft and pink, and an exquisite ending to a perfect day in the vineyards.

Lundy Liquid Gold

Lundy Liquid Gold

The Fall Foliage is over now, but I thought I’d share one of my favorite images from this season as my first post. This shot was taken after beginning a hike up Lundy Canyon in the Inyo National Forest at 630am. The sun was just barely rising over Mono Lake, the light was soft and gentle, and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. Darn! The hike was pretty, but the foliage was a little past peak. Upon arriving at one of the last waterfalls, (there are quite a few on this trail), the sun was high in the sky, and much of the scene was contrasty. I used my 28-300mm lens to shoot closeup, to get any closer with my 17-40 would have meant standing in the middle of a pretty steep waterfall, not something I had planned for. At least, not today. The resulting image was golden from the reflections of the Aspen along the back on the waterfall.