The Best 2016

Every Image has a Story


It’s that time of year where we post images which we think represent our body of work from the past year, the Best of the Best.  Usually limited to 12 images, one from each month, it’s really hard to decide which moments from our life to include, which images really speak to us.

Because I’ve been blessed to be able to travel extensively this year, I’ve chosen the images that tell a story.  If you’re on my Facebook page, you’ve read some of these stories, laughed at my silly videos, hopefully been inspired to get off the grid and into the world to live your life larger than you ever have, to find your True North, to become the person you’ve always dreamed of being.

I’ve traveled through eighteen states this year, from the foggy West Coast, through the hot dry desert, up into the Rocky Mountains, the Smoky, very smoky, mountains, finally ending up back home after ten years living in Reno just 25 miles from Lake Tahoe, in Sunny, hot, humid South Florida.  I thought I might stay in Florida, but the mountains are calling me, there’s more to see, more stories to tell, more beautifully brilliant light filled with vivid color to witness and share.

The Perfect Poppy


I have seen the most beautiful photographs of poppies, and up until now, I didn’t have any.  Back in April, at the end of my Southwest trip of 3000 miles in 10 days, I drove all the way from Death Valley to the Antelope Poppy preserve outside of Los Angeles, with every intention of finally capturing my perfect poppy shot.  Well…after driving through gale force winds, watching the hood of the Jeep jump up and down for miles and miles, seemingly about to come loose and fly up in my face, I made it.  Along with hundreds of other people.  The winds were still blowing, there was smog on the horizon, and my vision of the perfect shot went up in…uh… the smog.  

So fast forward to my trip to Napa with my Yoga teacher a few weeks later.  The morning everyone got up and had a massage, I drove about 30 miles south to a state park in Napa, walked up a lovely hill filled with oak trees and blankets of wildflowers and found a small patch of poppies on the side of the hill.  I spend an hour composing, shooting, waiting for the breeze to die down, and finally got what I wanted.  

Success !!!