One of my most favorite locations to photograph in the Desert Southwest is White Pocket in the Vermillion Cliffs area of Arizona. I’ve tried to drive out to this location by myself, and completely wimped out because of the deep sand.  I have a Rubicon now, so there’s absolutely no excuse,  yes, the sand is deep, but you just have to air down your tires, and don’t stop. Sort of.

I have some beautiful images form here, but this one has a story. This is my absolutely favorite image from the Monsoon Workshop I attended with Mark Metternich Photography. Mark is really awesome about showing you all the best locations to shoot when you get to an area. It helps tremendously because it’s a huge area, and the lines are absolutely crazy. They twist and turn all over the place. I wandered around the area in the morning and in the afternoon, so by the time we went out for sunset, I knew I really wanted something original, and for sunset, I really wanted the light on some of these red rocks. So I found this crazy rock, and set up my tripod. While I was standing there, waiting for sunset, and watching an incoming storm, this crazy guy from Switzerland came up behind me and tried to move me out of the way. I knocked him off of the ledge and watched him tumble down into the sand. No one saw me do that, so don’t tell anyone. He’ll recover eventually.

The light started going crazy and Mark tried to flag me over to another location to shoot, but I held my ground. He finally came over to where I was and then he tried to comp stomp me, too ! Jeez, I get no respect.
I’m totally kidding, Mark gave me one of his big smiles, told me it was awesome, moved the tripod a little to the left and then went down into the sand to help that Swiss guy.

Not quite sure what to title this yet…Maybe something like UnStompable ?

Last Rock from the Left

Last Rock from the Left
Last Rock from the Left

Author: Dotty Molt

A Photographer, Yogi, Lightseeker. Based above Lake Tahoe, Nevada in the beautiful Sierra Nevada Mountains, I travel cross the country with a camera, gathering stories, memories and beautiful images.

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