Lundy Liquid Gold

Lundy Liquid Gold

The Fall Foliage is over now, but I thought I’d share one of my favorite images from this season as my first post. This shot was taken after beginning a hike up Lundy Canyon in the Inyo National Forest at 630am. The sun was just barely rising over Mono Lake, the light was soft and gentle, and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. Darn! The hike was pretty, but the foliage was a little past peak. Upon arriving at one of the last waterfalls, (there are quite a few on this trail), the sun was high in the sky, and much of the scene was contrasty. I used my 28-300mm lens to shoot closeup, to get any closer with my 17-40 would have meant standing in the middle of a pretty steep waterfall, not something I had planned for. At least, not today. The resulting image was golden from the reflections of the Aspen along the back on the waterfall.


Author: Dotty Molt

A Photographer, Explorer, and Gatherer of Light and Color. Based above Lake Tahoe, Nevada in the beautiful Sierra Nevada Mountains, I travel cross the country with a camera, gathering stories, memories and beautiful images.

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